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Connecticut Bail Premium

How Bail PREMIUM Works? In Connecticut, for a bail bond that is under or equal to the sum of $5,000 the premium is 10% of the sum. Example: A $4,000 Bail premium equals $400. Therefore, what you pay is ONLY the premium charge of $400 and not the actual bond amount. However, if the bail agency decides for any underlying reason that they want to collect Collateral, that is an added sum over what the premium charge is, they can do that. Example: The Bail Agency charges you a $400 Premium fee for the bail plus $2,000 collateral. This means that you will have to pay the bail bondsman a total of $2,400 at the time of bail. Note: Any money paid to satisfy bail Premium is non-refundable. Only Collateral money can be returned and only after meeting certain agency specific requirements. If the person out on bond misses their court date, all collateral is forfeited. Calculate Premium Now

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